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5. Dezember 2007 um 19:52 2 Kommentare

Two weeks ago I announced a new beta webservice for linking from title data to German Wikipedia articles that cite a given work by ISBN. Now Lambert pointed me to a message by Eric Hellmann about xISBN supporting links to the English Wikipedia since last week. This makes GBV one week earlier then OCLC and both of us ten month later then LibraryThing. The idea is not new but based on the work of Lars Aronsson, Spiritus rector of future library systems.

The three services have been developed partly parallel based on some same code. Here are two examples of the xISBN service by Xiaoming Liu and the GBV service that I am developing. xISBN is based on a powerfull API with many query parameters and planned to be part of WorldCat Grid Services (more about this maybe here, here, here, and here), while my service is based on a simple API called SeeAlso which is based on OpenSearch Suggestions and unAPI. Both approaches have their pros and cons. I will provide more information as soon as our server is more stable and the scripts are clean enough to get published at CPAN. Meanwhile I encourage everyone to play with OCLC’s xISBN (via an API of its own), WorldCat Idenities (via SRU), LibraryThing for Libraries (via an API of its own), available catalouges (via Z39.50, via SRU and via other APIs), the Wikipedia Query API, and the growing number of other services. Let’s mash up the library systems for the future!


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