First Draft of SeeAlso Simple linkserver API

14. Januar 2008 um 23:45 2 Kommentare

I finally finished the first draft of the SeeAlso Simple Specification SeeAlso. The webservice API for simple linkservers is based on OpenSearch Suggestions. It will be completed by the „SeeAlso Full Specification“ which adds unAPI and OpenSearch Description documents. The service is already implemented and running at the Union Catalog of GBV, see my earlier posting or simply have a look at this example. The same service is installed for testing at the Wikimedia Toolserver. For Wikipedia I drafted a different client that can be tested via a Bookmarklet: Drag the Link „ISBN2W“ to you bookmark toolbar, visit an English or German Wikipedia article with ISBNs on it, click the Bookmarklet link in your toolbar and hover the the ISBNs (that will become yellow) with the mouse. German Wikipedia users can also enable the service by adding a line of JavaScript to their user profile.

An implementation (SeeAlso Simple and SeeAlso Full) in Perl is available at CPAN (there was neither unAPI nor OpenSearch Suggestions, so I implemented both). Please note that ISBN to Wikipedia is only one example how the API can be used. In my opinion the concept of a linkserver is highly undervalued but will become more important again (for instance as a lightweigth alternative to simple SPARQL queries). Feedback and usage is welcome!


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