BibSonomy usability disaster

8. März 2012 um 12:01 1 Kommentar

In addition to other citation management systems, I use BibSonomy. It’s one of the less known social cataloging tools. Not as commercial and shiny as Mendeley, but useful, especially if you happen to collect many papers in computer sciences. The BibSonomy team is open and friendly and the project is connected to the local University in Kassel (by the way, they are hiring students!). I still like BibSonomy – that’s why I wrote this rant.

Since last week BibSonomy has a new layout. Sure people always complain when you change their used interface, but this change is a usability desaster – at least if you work on a netbook with small screen, like me. To illustrate the problems here is a screenshot with my quick notes in red:

The screen is crowded with irritating and ugly user interface elements. The actual usage area is put into a little frame. Yes, a frame, in 2012! You cannot just scroll down to get rid of the header, because the frame is fixed. There are more flaws, for instance the duplication of account elements, scattered at not less than four places (logged in as…, logout, user:…, myBibsobomy) and the ugly custom icons (there are several great icon sets that could be used instead, for instance Silk, GCons, Glyphicons, Picol…). It does not get better of you try to edit content. I am sorry, but this is a usability disaster.

P.S: The BibSonomy team has responded and they fixed part of the problem with a nasty hack, based on actual screen size.

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