First complete draft of DAIA Ontology

7. Januar 2010 um 19:06 6 Kommentare

I just finished the first complete draft of an OWL ontology of the DAIA data model. Unless the final URI prefix is sure, the ontology is available in GBV Wiki in Notation3 syntax, but you can also get RDF/XML. There is also a browsable HTML view created with OWLDoc (I only wonder why it does not include URI prefixes like in the same view of the Bibliographic Ontology).

It turned out that mapping the XML format DAIA/XML to RDF is not trivial – although I kept in mind doing so when I designed DAIA. XML is mostly based on a closed world tree data model but RDF is based on an open world graph model. Last month Mike Bergman wrote a good article about the clash of Open World Assumption and Closed World Assumption. I think as long as you only view data in form of tables, lists, and trees, you will not grasp the concept of the Semantic Web. I don’t know whether I have fully grasped the concept of document availability with DAIA and the ontology surely needs some further review, but it’s something to start with – just have a look!


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  1. Hmm, the ability to mix and match XML from different schemas in the same document using namespaces and external declerations in schemas… seems kind of „open world“ to me. No?

    But I confess that I still don’t entirely understand (the attraction of? or just plain…) RDF.

    If you wanted to talk more about the troubles you had turning an XML schema into OWL-for-RDF, it would probably be helpful to some of us in understanding some things about the RDF world.

    Comment by Jonathan Rochkind — 8. Januar 2010 #

  2. The problem is not to map XML Schema to OWL but to find the right data model which can be mapped to both XML Schema and OWL and vice versa. Both XSD and OWL are only serialization languages for a model of the universe of discourse. I think I’ll better draw some diagrams to catch this meta-meta-modeling issues.

    Comment by Jakob — 11. Januar 2010 #

  3. Hello Jakob

    The DAIA ontology has been added to Linked Open Vocabularies a while ago. See
    But since the ontology page really lacks metadata, I just discovered (Google is my friend) that you seem to be its creator. Could you add some metadata in the file making this explicit?



    Comment by Bernard Vatant — 30. August 2012 #


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