Yet another semantic tagging application

14. September 2007 um 02:11 3 Kommentare

I just found another semantic tagging application: SemKey is also a Firefox-Plugin like EntityDescriber that I just wrote about. SemKey uses WordNet and Wikipedia as controlled vocabularies and help you to find the appropriate entry in them. Maurizio Tesconi and his colleauges describe SemKey in their paper SemKey: A Semantic Collaborative Tagging System at the WWW2007 Workshop on Tagging and Metadata for Social Information Organization (other papers linked here).

But the authors of SemKey don’t cite Gabrilovich and Markovitch (2006): Overcoming the brittleness bottleneck using Wikipedia: Enhancing text categorization with encyclopedic knowledge which is highly related (see also the following paper of Gabrilovich and Markovitch). Looks like both Marchetti et al. and their reviewers of the WWW 2007 workshop don’t know about their subject area. The feedback on SemKey is also little: This is science 1.0 about Web 2.0. Researchers 2.0 publishe their work on weblogs and preprint archives or even dare to fight in the jungle of Wikipedia to push forward knowledge instead of citation rank.