Linked Data/RDF/SPARQL Documentation Challenge

23. Januar 2011 um 13:49 6 Kommentare

In a blog posting earlier in January Richard Pop descibed the difficulty to get started with Linked Data for the average programmer: „there is a new format (RDF), new query language (SPARQL) and new code libraries to learn and install (if you can find them in the first place)“. For this reason Pop created a challenge to come up with documentation for the basic steps of developing a Linked Data/RDF/SPARQL application. You can find contributions by Bill Roberts, Christopher Gutteridge, Pezholio, Gunnar Aastrand Grimnes, Tom Morris, Jeni Tennison (and here), Niklas Lindström, Felix Ostrowski, and John Goodwin. Meanwhile there are £50 prizes for solutions in PHP, Ruby, and Phython.

I have engaged in RDF since years, but mostly from a theoretical point of view. This year I started creating Linked Data applications with RDF::Trine, a powerfull programming library by Gregory Williams to handle RDF data in Perl (see more at I contributed some minor patches to further simplify usage. Next month I will write a tutorial on how to create an RDF based application in Perl. Meanwhile I work on a Perl module (limited preview) to create classifications and thesauri in SKOS/RDF.


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  1. Is there already something like Yahoo Pipes for RDF? Or another framework where you can make your own LOD-Mashup without knowing any of those languages?

    Comment by CH — 24. Januar 2011 #

  2. I guess *some* knowledge of an RDF language is necessary, unless you have very basic standard use-cases. I would welcome a very simple scripting language for RDF – if there is a visual programming interface for this LinkedDataPipes, it would be even better. SPARQLScript is a step in this direction, but still too limited and complex.

    Comment by jakob — 24. Januar 2011 #

  3. Seldom there is simplification without limitations. Think about Yahoo Pipes. You can do so much more with RSS than you can with Pipes, but for all those people who don’t know any programming it’s a gift.

    Without getting the people to use the data the LOD thing is just a nerdy hype. It has to get out of the niche.

    Comment by CH — 25. Januar 2011 #

  4. Now we just need a page collating all the documentation…

    Comment by Jodi Schneider — 27. Januar 2011 #

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