First draft of OAI-ORE

30. Dezember 2007 um 18:06 Keine Kommentare

„Web 3.0“ (or „Semantic Web“ – use the buzzword of your choice) is slowly on the raise. Two weeks ago the first public draft of OAI-ORE was published and Mike Giarlo published an OAI-ORE-Plugin for WordPress – I have not actually tried it, but as far as I understand one could add RFC 5005 to OAI-ORE to support large resource sets. Or is OAI-PMH enough? Well, in the end it depends on the availability of software libraries, client and the ease of connecting it with other services. After my fancy there are still too much generalized data models but we need concrete implementations – it was not RDF and OWL but Microformats that got the Web of data started (yes, we’re in it: the next hype after „Web 2.0“). For 2008 I wish less abstract meta-meta-meta-stuff but, more little usable applications and services that can be combined.

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