Wikidata documentation on the 2017 Hackathon in Vienna

21. Mai 2017 um 15:21 4 Kommentare

At Wikimedia Hackathon 2017, a couple of volunteers sat together to work on the help pages of Wikidata. As part of that Wikidata documentation sprint. Ziko and me took a look at the Wikidata glossary. We identified several shortcomings and made a list of rules how the glossary should look like. The result are the glossary guidelines. Where the old glossary partly replicated Wikidata:Introduction, the new version aims to allow quick lookup of concepts. We already rewrote some entries of the glossary according to these guidelines but several entries are outdated and need to be improved still. We changed the structure of the glossary into a sortable table so it can be displayed as alphabetical list in all languages. The entries can still be translated with the translation system (it took some time to get familiar with this feature).

We also created some missing help pages such as Help:Wikimedia and Help:Wikibase to explain general concepts with regard to Wikidata. Some of these concepts are already explained elsewhere but Wikidata needs at least short introductions especially written for Wikidata users.

Image taken by Andrew Lih (CC-BY-SA)