Little more about The European Library (TEL)

24. August 2007 um 00:17 1 Kommentar

Patrick, who is enjoying the Winter in South Africa, went down well with his presentation (but I cannot find the slides?). In his blog he pointed out before IFLA that you can find more about The European Library (TEL) in Fleur Stigter’s blog. There is also a blog about the European Digital Library (EDL, very confusing) and a customized search engine for the projects. But I still have not found out what TEL and EDL are really about. To me as a library 2.0 developer one of the most interesting features of TEL is its SRU-interface which showed me that data quality needs to be the next hype. By the way TEL is hiring. If I could clone myself, I would apply here. In the context of Theseus there will surely also be some interesting jobs. Skilled library (2.0) developers where are you? Not every organization can do a hunt on you and reward 1.000$ like LibraryThing just did!