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5. Dezember 2007 um 01:19 Keine Kommentare

Last week I gave an introduction into social tagging and cataloging for librarians (some German slides here at Slideshare). In a discussion on German Wikipedia about COinS I was pointed to the French Wikipedia: They have a special namespace référence to store more detailled bibliographic information (see MediaWiki-namespaces in general), some more information is collected in Projet:Références, but my French is too little to find out much. This example may demonstrate the concept:

The article „Première période intermédiaire égyptienne“ cites the source „Nicolas Grimal, Histoire de l’Égypte ancienne, 1988“. The citation provides a link to on a special page that lists several editions of the work. Actually this is another implementation of FRBR.

I like the idea of seggregating full bibliographic record and reference in the Wikipedia article, but the concrete solution is too complicated and limited. Wikipedia with flat text is just not the right tool to store bibliographic data. Maybe Semantic MediaWiki can help, but a multilingual approach like LibraryThing does is better. French Wikipedians should not have to duplicate cataloging efforts, but just point to LibraryThing, WorldCat or whatever bibliographic authority is usable. By the way most library catalouges are not usable in this sense – on the Web noone cares how good you data is if you cannot directly link to it and use it in other context.

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