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11. Oktober 2007 um 15:54 Keine Kommentare

The after-lunch session of MTSR 2007 contained five presentations:

Spyros Voulgaris presented a A Web Classifier for Semantic Classification Between News and Sports Broadcasts, that is an automated method of classification of news vs sports broadcast based on the properties of audio signal. The method does not require speech-recognition and is language independent. The audio signal is processed into a feature vector with is then fed to a neural network for classification. For feature extraction AMDF (Average Magnitude Difference Function) with segments of one to six seconds is used. As I do not know AMDF I cannot tell you more about this, nor what simple automatic binary classification has to do with semantics.

Based on classifier by Voulgaris et al. a Semiautomated tool for characterizing news video files, using metadata schemas was presented by Stefanos Asonitis. Their system consists of a web crawler for video content, the classifier, and an export of NewsML und SportsML which is partly derived from the sources and the classifier and party edited by users of the system.

For a scientometrics-lover like me Metadata Encoding for the Levels of Scientific Research presented by Nikoletta Peponi was highly interesting. Frankly speaking most of the schema is outdated (for instance the division into article, monograph, essay, and thesis), naive and incomplete. Whithout a set of examples and mapping to existing ontologies its pointless. But it’s an interesting beginning.

Sylvia Poulimenou (Metadata Encoding for the Documents based on the Rules of Diplomatics Science) presented an extension of TEI for diplomatics (the analysis and critical edition of documents to test their authenticity).

In the fifth presentation Mrs. Belesiotis talked about Ontology Oriented Support for the Teaching Process in the Greek Secondary Education. My knowledge of didactics is to low to write more about this, but the didactic of the presentation could habe been better then speedy reading the text on overfilled, too-many slides only. Maybe I just missed the point.

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