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13. September 2007 um 22:56 1 Kommentar is a tagging project that has been active for more then a year by now. Unlike other artificial prototype-tagging-research projects it is based on real world data: works of art in museum collections. Moreover its not available only by pictures in research-papers but available at sourceforge (written in PHP). More news about the project can be found at the Mailing list and the blogosphere. I stumbled upon jtran’s blog and his report from ASIST SIG-CR workshop on social cassification that took place in Texas last year. Hopefully someone from the team will participate in Dublin Core conference 2008 or some other event the I participate!

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  1. Jacob, i’m glad that you appreciate’s attitude to open software development. developing an open-source tagger is one part of a two strand agenda. The second is understanding the contribution tagging can make to online access to art museum collections. to do that, we’re running a series of experiments, asking people to tag art in different interface contexts, and analysing the results.

    everyone’s invited to participate:

    – come to
    – log in [it’s important for the research] and
    – > Tag Art!

    you don’t have to be an expert — indeed, it’s great if you’re not.


    [p.s. you’ll find some of my other steve-related papers at

    Comment by jtrant — 24. September 2007 #

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